Play With Gilbert, What?

Play With Gilbert - A small kitty game aimed at young children.
Hi there.
So I decided to publish Play With Gilbert on I haven't had much success here so far I still want to keep publishing on because of how much I value the platform. As a developer and as a gamer.

Play With Gilbert is as stated above a simple game. It's not incredibly deep and the skill level required is as low as possible. I started the game as a personal project for my daughter but as it grew I figured I could sell it for a small price and hopefully other children would have fun with it.

The game got blasted by older players, which is not the audience it's aimed for but I've been lucky enough to watch a number of let's plays with actual children and their parents and they seem to genuinely enjoy the game.

So yeah, that's basically what I wanted to say. I recently updated the game with its second free DLC, Gilbert in Space, where Gilbert or your customized kitty can play around on the moon. I do have some more plans in store for the game but right now I gotta get back to STARDROP and finish that first.
If you decide to check out the game I hope you'll have fun and please hit me up with feedback or criticism. I always try to listen and improve where able.

For now take care and have a great day, or evening.

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